Aiming for double, not gamble in the inning 12…

Wakayama lost to Kanoya Chuo after the long battle that went to the extra innings.

It was one out runner on first and third in the bottom of 12 when Wakayama’s second baseman Yamane chose to throw first after fielding a ground ball. Yamane’s throw to first base allowed Kanoya’s third base runner score their winning run.

The strategy was interesting as Wakayama’s infielders were not positioning shallow enough to play home to prevent the third base runner score. It was a double play that the Wakayama’s defense was aiming for. Kanoya’s third base runner decided to go home as soon as the grounder was hit to the second base.

Yamane’s glove has helped the team significantly, showing the range as well as making two doubles in the game. He did not make any errors in the five games of the Wakayama preliminary.

It is difficult to understand the Wakaya’s strategy, aiming for a double play when the third base runner was the winning runner. Yamane’s comment after the game was ‘I was confused. I messed up the momentum as the ground ball bounced strange’. Koshien is the place to grow. It was a strategy that should be pointed out, not an individual player. Yamane should go home with dignity and should play differently in the same situation at the next level. In order to face the same situation, he has to keep playing.

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