First Games…

The following games will be played from Aug. 9th until Aug. 15th. Most teams will play their first games as first rounds while some teams will play them as second round games. Those teams win the first games will advance to the next round and the losing teams will pack their bags and go home. Winners of the first games will have another lottery to decide on the next games.

Please note all the games have been postponed by two days due to the typhoon. This means Day 1 is now August 11th.

Day 1 Aug 9

1st Round Games

Game 1 10:20 Ryukokudai Heian (Kyoto) vs Kasukabe Kyoei (Saitama)

Game 2  12:50 Sakaide Commercial (Kagawa) vs Tsuruga Kehi (Fukui)

Game 3 15:20 Nihon Univ. Affiliated Tsurugaoka (W. Tokyo) vs Toyama Commercial (Toyama)


Day 2 Aug. 10

Game 1 8:00 Nichinan Gakuen (Miyazaki) vs Toho (Aichi)

Game 2 10:30 Shizuoka (Shizuoka) vs Seiryo (Ishikawa)

Game 3 13:00 Nihon Bunri (Niigata) vs Oita (Oita)

Game 4 15:30 Ogaki Nihon Univ. Affiliated Ogaki (Gifu) vs Fujishiro (Ibaraki)


Day 3 Aug. 11

Game 1 8:00 Takasaki University of Health & Welfare High School (Gunma) vs Iwakuni (Yamaguchi)

Game 2 10:30 Kanoya Chuo (Kagoshima) vs Wakayama (Wakayama)

Game 3 13:00 Saga Kita (Saga) vs Rifu (Miyazaki)

Game 4 15:30 Mie (Mie) vs Koryo (Hiroshima)


Day 4 Aug. 12

Game 1 8:00 Tokai Univ. Affiliated Kofu (Yamanashi) vs Saku Seiryo (Nagano)

Game 2 10:30 Kyushi Kokusai Univ. Affiliated vs Tokai Uni. Affiliated Dai 4 (S.Hokkaido)

Game 3 13:00 Seiko Gakuin (Fukushima) vs Kobe Kokusai Univ. Affiliated (Hyogo)

Game 4 15:30 Komatsu (Ehime) vs Yamagata Chuo (Yamagata)


Day 5 Aug 13

Game 1 9:30 Meitoku Gijuku (Kochi) vs Chiben Gakuen (Nara)

Game 2 12:00 Kaisei (Shimane) vs Osaka Toin (Osaka)

2nd Round Games

Game 3 14:30 NIshogakusha (E. Tokyo) vs Kaisei (Nagasaki)


Day 6 Aug.14

Game 1 8:00 Naruto (Tokushima) vs Ohmi (Shiga)

Game 2 10:30 Johoku (Kumamoto) vs Tokai Univ. Affiliated Boyo (Chiba)

Game 3 13:00 Tokai Univ. Affiliated Sagami (Kanagawa) vs Morioka Univ. Affiliated (Iwate)

Game 4 15:30 Kakunodate (Akita) vs Yazu (Tottori)


Day 7 Aug. 15

Game 1 8:00 Okinawa Shogaku (Okinawa) vs Sakushin Gakuin (Tochigi)

Game 2 10:30 Hachinohe Gakuin Kosei vs Bushukan (N. Hokkaido)

Game 3 13:00 Kanzei (Okayama) vs TBA

Game 4 15:30 TBA vs TBA








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