History of Koshien

Introduction of the tournament:

Koshien is the high school baseball national championships taking place at Hanshin Koshien Stadium. All the teams are school’s clubs. Representatives from forty seven prefectures compete in the two week tournament in August. There is only one team that represents each prefecture, except Tokyo and Hokkaido send two to the tournament. Your team has to win the single elimination preliminary in June and July.  It is a long way to make it Koshien since there are more than one hundred teams participating in the preliminaries in some prefectures. There are 3,917 teams participating overall in the preliminaries. This year, Kanagawa prefecture, known as one of the hardest prefectures to get through the preliminaries, had 190 teams followed by Aichi with 189, and Osaka with 181. Hokkaido (293) and Tokyo (267), separating north and south or west and east, allow two teams to attend Koshien. The prefecture with the least teams is Tottori with 24.

The last year’s winner is Maebashi Ikuei of Gunma prefecture. Osaka leads the most champion flags with 11 followed by Aichi’s 8. Wakayama, Hiroshima, Tokyo, and Hyogo have won 7 times while Ehime and Kanagawa won 6 times. Those prefectures are known as baseball kingdoms.

The chart below shows the winners and runner ups in the last ten years.

Year Tournament Participating Schools Winner (Prefecture) Runner up (Prefecture)
2013 95th 3,957 Maebashi Ikuei(Gunma) Nobeoka Gakuen(Miyazaki)
2012 94th  3,985 Osaka Toin(Osaka) Kosei Gakuin (Aomori)
2011 93rd 4,014 Nihon Univ. Affiliated Dai 3(W. Tokyo) Kosei Gakuin (Aomori)
2010 92nd 4,028 Konan(Okinawa) Tokai Univ. Affiliated Sagami(Kanagawa)
2009 91st 4,041 Chukyo(Aichi) Nihon Bunri(Niigata)
2008 90th  4,059 Osaka Toin (Osaka) Saga Kita(Saga)
2007 89th  4,.081 Saga Kita(Saga) Koryo(Hiroshima)
2006 88th  4,112 Waseda Jitsugyo(W. Tokyo) Komazawa Univ. Tomakomai(S. Hokkaido)
2005 87th  4,137 Komazawa Univ. Tomakomai(S. Hokkaido) Kyoto Gaidai Nishi(Kyoto)
2004 86th  4,146 Komazawa Univ. Tomakomai(S. Hokkaido) Saibi(Ehime)


Wikipedia has brief descriptions of Koshien if you want more information:









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